Clevedon Pier Sea Angling Club

Clevedon Pier S.A.C.   Clevedon Pier S.A.C.  Cleveon Pier S.A.C. Clevedon Pier S.A.C.

 Agreement has been reached with the Pier management to allow daytime fishing on the end of the pier from November 1st until further notice during trading hours.
This is for club members only
Rods will be limited to four fishing at any one time in any combination i.e two anglers with two rods each, one angler with two rods and two anglers with one rod each, or four anglers with one rod each.
Fishing will be allowed from Monday to Friday inclusive. There will be NO fishing 
from the end over the weekend.
We expect our members to enter into the spirit of this concession, and to keep the fishing area clean at all times. Failure to do this would lead to the withdrawal of this concession.