Clevedon Pier Sea Angling Club

Clevedon Pier S.A.C.                                                                       Clevedon Pier S.A.C.

Dave Chaplin with a 6lb Bass. We all asked if he would pick our lottery numbers for us after this one :) Great catch Dave. You would think he would be smiling hahaha


Dave Chaplin with a 9lb 8oz Thornback Ray

Dave Thorne with a 7lb 12oz Thornback

Tony Somerton with a 9lb 2oz Thornie

2 decent Thornback Rays caught on Tuesday

Simon with his latest catch, bet he can't wait to get back on the pier

Terry Varley with a 10lb 4oz Thornback in the Sunday Competition

Simon with yet another Thornback, this time 8lb 10oz, keep them coming

8lb 9oz Thornback for new member Stuey Gaffney. Welcome to the club :)

First large Conger of the season. 7lb 1oz for Simon.

A 1lb 2oz Sole caught Monday morning by Miles and below is one of 5 Thornbacks also caught by Miles on Monday morning, this one tipped the scales at 10lb. I cant be the only one excited to see the first of the Sole :)

Another 7lb Thornback this time for Simon Whitcombe. Keep them coming.

Dave Hobbit Thorne with a 7lb Thornback in the Sunday Comp. 2nd April

More big Thornbacks from Phil Alderson, 10lb 15oz and 8lb 5oz. Thanks for sending us the pics Phil. Phil also lost two more large Thornbacks at the net. Better luck next time..

Phil Alderson showing that the Codling are still about, this one was 2lb, lets see a bigger one soon, it makes a change from all these big Thornbacks that keep being caught :)

Paul Ashton with a 10lb 2oz Thornback Ray, yet another double figure Thornback from the pier. Caught 25th of March.

Another insize Thornback. One of 3 caught on Monday 27th. Sizes were from 7lb 5oz to 8lb 10oz. Squid and squid and fish wraps being the baits that worked. Please keep the pictures coming.

Simon with a 10lb 5oz Thornback caught on Wednesday 22nd on the outgoing tide.

This is one of several double figure Rays that have been caught over the last few days.

We are trying to keep the site updated with photos of what is being caught so can club members send in any photos please.

Tight lines everyone.

Three Thornback Rays caught on Tuesday 21st. Sizes were 10lb 11oz, 6lb 8oz and 6lb 7oz. All were returned safely.