Clevedon Pier Sea Angling Club

Clevedon Pier S.A.C.                                                                       Clevedon Pier S.A.C.




You should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the competition to allow for the drawing of your peg number and make preparations.

All competitions follow size limits in accordance with B.C.F.S.A. rules.

These Competitions are only open to CPSAC Members.


  1 rod. Maximum 3 hooks allowed. Pennell counts as 2 hooks

 Prizes will be allocated for heaviest total bag/s of in-size fish.

 The person running the match will have sole discretionary charge i.e. they are in charge and will make any necessary decisions on the day. In the event of uncertainty, that person can defer any/all payments until a final decision is reached after consultation with the competition secretary.

 Entry fee to the match will be £4.00 per adult. Junior members do not pay an entry fee but will be eligible to win any/all of the prizes.

 The entry fee will be made up of 50p for the best specimen (using B.C.F.S.A. standards) and £3.00 into the match fund. 50p per entrant will go to Club funds.

 The match fund will normally be allocated in 3 prizes.

 lst  place will get 50% of the pot,

 2nd place will get 30% of pot

 3rd place will get 20% of the pot.

In the event of only 1 angler catching, He/She will win all the money.

In the event of only 2 anglers catching, the money will be split 60/40%.

(You cannot be a winner on undersize fish alone.)

There will be no rollover of money unless there are no insize fish caught during the match.

The specimen pot will go to the best specimen fish of the matchFor the purpose of determining the angler of the month/year a points system will run concurrent with the match awards.


5 points will be given for each match attendance.

1 point will be given for undersize fish caught with a maximum of 3 different species.

4 points will be given for each in size fish caught.

1 additional point will be given for each fish in excess of 60% specimen size.

Midweek Competitions . SEASON 2018 Onwards.

Entry Fee £4 per head (Juniors free of charge)

(50p to the Club,  50p to the pool and the £3 paid out as prize money.)

A maximum of 2 rods and 4 hooks mat be used.

A Pennel rig counts as 2 hooks.

The competition is on a points system.

2  Points for attendance..

1 point per undersize fish (Maximum of 3 allowed per angler per match).

3 points per insize fish.

5 points will be given for any fish over specimen size. (This includes the 3 points for it being in size).

7 points will be given for any fish breaking a club record (This includes any of the above points).

10 points will be awarded for any fish breaking a Bristol Channel record (This includes any of the above points).

The ‘pool money’ is paid out for the ‘Heaviest insize fish’ caught during the competition.

The winner(s) will be the anglers with the most points at the end of the competition.

The winner(s) must have caught at least 1 insize fish during the competition to qualify for a prize.

(You cannot be a winner on undersize fish alone.)

All points are totalled over the month/year to determine the ‘Monthly/Yearly winners’.


Blue Anchor, Charity, Saturday evening and Challenge matches against other clubs, (Home and Away) which are held from time to time, do not count towards these trophies as rules may vary and some matches are sometimes restricted to a certain number of entrants.

There is a modest fee charged for entering all competitions.

 So come and enjoy fishing with other members on a famous pier, usually in gale force wind and rain.

It is important to see that your peg space is left in a clean condition.

This applies at all times when fishing on the pier.

We must set a good example to others.

Bait boards, dustbins, water buckets and a brush are generally available on the pier.


 These are some of the guide lines to help you and others to enjoy a day’s fishing.

 Do not hesitate to raise any query you may have at any time.