Clevedon Pier Sea Angling Club

Clevedon Pier S.A.C.                                                                       Clevedon Pier S.A.C.


  Constitution, Rules and Bye-Law

2018/2019 Season (Revised at AGM August 28th 2018)

 1. Title

The Club shall be called The 'Clevedon Pier Sea Angling Club'  

 2. Affiliation

The Club shall be affiliated to the Bristol Channel Federation of Sea Anglers.

3. Objectives

A) To promote, foster and safeguard sea angling on Clevedon Pier.

B) To maintain a close liaison with the Clevedon Pier Trust.

C) To promote Club competitions and to make monthly and other awards.

4. Membership

Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons who complete an application form and pay the current annual subscription, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs; or of age, sex or disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of angling as a particular sport.

Membership of the club provides uninterrupted access to the Pier, at the Pier Trust’s discretion. Access shall be primarily for the purpose of fishing. Incidental assess for club business is permitted.

Completion of the application form constitutes an agreement to abide by the Constitution, Codes of Practice and Rules that the Club has adopted.

Applications for membership shall be approved by the Committee.

A Junior Member is recognized as being under the age of 16 years on application.

The Annual General Meeting may agree by majority vote, to propose a Life Member in appreciation of services to the Club beyond normal expectation. Before ratification the proposal will have to be agreed with the Pier Trust.

Life membership shall be considered continuous or until contact with the club has been broken for 5 years. The club is not always notified of a member’s demise or their intention to disassociate from the club.

All new members are requested to attend a general meeting to collect their Membership card

The Committee reserve the right to "cap" the membership at a figure agreed by the Committee.

5. Subscriptions

The subscriptions shall be such as agreed at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be due on the 1st of October in each year.

Failure to pay by 31st of October in each year will result in loss of membership.

A Joining Fee, to be determined at each AGM, will be charged to new members.

Members failing to renew by the 3lst of October will be liable to be charged the Joining Fee, should they wish to re-join the Club.

6. Administration

The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of an Honorary Chairman, Honorary General Secretary and Honorary Treasurer (all required by law) and supplemented by a Membership Secretary, Two Competition Secretaries, Fish Recorder, Cup Custodian and Committee member, all of whom are to be elected at the AGM. The primary role of the Committee member will be to act as a link between the membership and the committee in the event of an officer not being available.

Nominations, for the above positions are to be received by the Honorary General Secretary in writing at least one week before the A.G.M. in each year.

The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur during the year.

An Emergency Committee shall consist of the Honorary Chairman, Honorary General Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and another member of the committee.

Each member of the Management Committee shall have a single vote with the exception of the Chair or person acting as Chair, who, in the event of a tie, shall cast a vote to maintain the status quo.

The Financial Year of the Club shall be from the 1st.August to the 31st. of July in each year notwithstanding that the Club membership year shall be deemed to be from the 1st of October in one year to the 30th. September in the next year.

Cheques written on behalf of the Club shall have two signatories from amongst the nominated committee members.

Upon dissolution of the Club the assets shall be applied in discharge of the expenses of the dissolution and of all debts due by the Club to its creditors. To the extent that the assets are insufficient to meet those debts, creditors who would in the case of the winding up of a company registered under the Companies Act 1985 (as amended from time to time) be preferential creditors and shall be paid first followed by ordinary creditors and loans by members. In the event of an insufficiency of assets to pay any class of creditor in full, such creditors shall be paid rateably in the proportion which their debt bears to the totality of the debts of the same class.

Any surplus of assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to a charity or charities nominated at the previous years A.G.M.

7. Annual and Other General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting will be held during August of the year.

Twenty-eight days notice of it, and all General Meetings shall be given.

A quorum shall consist of those members present at the meeting.

Special General Meetings may be summoned by the Committee, or on a written requisition

of 15 Club members, but such requisition must be submitted one month in advance of the proposed Special General Meeting and state clearly the motive of the matter at issue.

8. Hon. Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

The Hon. Secretary shall keep a record of all the business transacted at General and Committee meetings, and submit to the AGM a report of proceedings of the Club since the previous AGM.

The Hon Treasurer shall render to the AGM a precise account of the income and expenditure for the past year, audited and signed by a competent person.

The Membership Secretary is responsible for the administration involved in the recruitment and retention of members. The Membership Secretary keeps a record of members past and present.

9. The Committee in Appeal

The Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate upon any dispute or complaint referred to it, and the decision of the Committee shall be final.

All complaints concerning members must be in writing and signed by the complainant(s) and submitted to the Honorary Secretary for submission to the Committee.

The person, on whom the complaint is made, has the right to appeal in writing to the committee.

Any incident or accident occurring during any Club event must be immediately reported to the Secretary.

10. Severance of Membership

It shall be competent to the Committee, after due investigation of the facts, and if needs be, the examination of witnesses and relevant documentary evidence, to suspend or terminate the membership of any member.

A first offence will warrant a written warning, although if the offence is of a serious nature, then a life ban will be automatic.

A life ban from the club will be the outcome of a further offence if the first offence is deemed to be of a non-serious order.

The decision of the Committee shall be final.

11. Making of Bye Laws

The Committee shall be empowered to make Bye Laws governing the conduct of members and other matters.

12. Alteration of Rules

Alteration of, or addition to, any or all of the foregoing rules shall be made only at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.

One month’s written notice of such proposed alteration or addition must be given to the Hon. Secretary in writing, or by email.

Such notice may be submitted by a member or by recommendation from the Committee.

13. Termination of Office

Any Committee member, who, in the opinion of the membership, does not fulfil his/her role, may be removed from office at the discretion of the other Committee members.

Club Byelaws

Membership cards will run from the 1st. October to the 30th. September and must carry a printed name, Club's allocated number and photograph of said member.

Each membership card will be signed by the Membership Secretary.

The membership card must be carried at all times to obtain access to the Pier

Membership cards must be produced upon request.

Failure to do so will result in the member being asked to leave the pier.

Social Membership Card holders must be accompanied by a full member at all times on the pier.

Social Membership Card holders are not allowed to fish from the pier.

Contravention of this will result in both Memberships being revoked.

A charge will be made for replacement of lost or damaged membership cards.

No alcohol will be allowed at any time on the Pier except for certain social events approved by the Pier Trust.

Members will not bring pets onto the pier whilst fishing.

Bad language will not be used on the pier at any time.

Members may not bring onto the Pier any non-member.

Any contravention of this rule will result in said party having their membership revoked and a life ban imposed.

Rubbish must be removed at all times.

Any member found wilfully damaging the Pier, or Club property, will not only be expelled from the Club and refused admission to the Pier, but will have to make good the damage.

A life ban will be imposed.

The Club will fish to BCFSA size limits.

All Club trophies must be returned by the 20th. September each year, in good condition, to the Cup Custodian, or any other member of the Committee. Any damage to the trophies will be repaired at the current holder's expense.

The Club does not accept any responsibility for personal injury or damage to property of any of its members, however Public Liability Insurance is in existence for the Club and its members, for a single accident limit of Two Million Pounds, and will be renewed annually.

The Pier gate will be fitted with a combination lock. The lock number must in no way be disclosed to any non-member. The gate must be kept locked at all times, and no non-member allowed onto the Pier by this gate.

Casting - Extreme caution must be observed at all times and in particular, when boats are loading and unloading passengers from the pier head, and while members of the public are walking on the pier.

Casting from the head of the pier and then walking back to the main span to fish is not allowed.

The use of "Zip-Sliders" is not recommended when casting.

Battery lights only can be used on the Pier.

No lamps using flames are allowed because of the risk of fire.

Bait boards must be used at all times, and no bait, bait boards or fish to be on the seats.

No captured fish to be gutted on the pier.

Each fishing position is to be left in a clean condition at all times.

It is the duty of any member who witnesses the contravention of any rule to report it to a Club Officer.

The Committee will then deal with the offence under Rule 10 of the Constitution.

The Club boundaries stretch from Littleton Upon Severn to the Gas Works Beach at Minehead.

Any member fishing on the Pier prior to a Competition must vacate their position in favour of a competition angler if requested by the Competition Official. Any member failing to comply with such a request will be reported to the Committee.

Junior members under the age of 14 must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Junior members over 14 years of age may fish during the day unaccompanied, but must have an adult Club member with them during the hours of darkness, or after the pier is closed to the public.

A junior will become an adult member at the age of sixteen.

Club trophies will only be awarded to persons who are current Club members at the time of the Presentation.

Fishing from the pier head is only allowed whilst the pier is closed to the public. Relaxation to this limitation is sometimes available from the Pier Trust. It is each member's responsibility to make themselves aware of the opening days and times and of any relaxation.

A maximum of four rods will be allowed on both sides of the pier head. Alteration to this limitation is sometimes required by the Pier Trust. It is each member's responsibility to make themselves aware of the current requirements.

Rods must be attended at all times.

No stainless steel hooks to be used within club boundaries.

A maximum of TWO RODS are allowed at any one time, with a maximum of four hooks in total.

A Pennel will count as two hooks.

This ruling does not apply to competition rules, which are the prerogative of the Competition Secretary.

No Tripod type rod rests are allowed on the pier.

A shock leader must be used at all times.

Distress to fish must be kept to a minimum.

All undersize, and any unwanted fish, must be returned to the water as quickly and safely as possible.

A basket is normally available for this purpose.

Fish Recording

All fish caught from the Pier or the shore, within the club boundaries, should be notified to the fish recorder on the official form, within 72 hours of capture.

Only correctly recorded fish will be eligible for the competitions and awards.

Members are allowed to notify un-witnessed fish for recording purposes only.

If a fish is thought to be of specimen or record size, (see BCFSA handbook for guidance), and so possibly eligible for a CPSAC or BCFSA award, the following should be observed.

If being kept, the fish may be taken to the fish recorder for official verification and weighing. If this is not possible, any other committee member from either organisation can verify the fish to support the claim.

If being returned a good quality photograph of the fish showing some verifiable indication of size or weight may be used to support the claim.

No foul hooked fish will count in matches or be eligible for club trophies and records. A foul hooked fish is one where hook penetration occurs anywhere other than forward of the gills.


Match Rules

A member may only fish with one rod during the Sunday matches with a maximum of three hooks and with up to two rods during the Midweek and Saturday Evening matches with a maximum of four hooks.

Pier matches will be pegged and positions drawn for.

Competitor may not change position except on instruction from the Competition Secretary or official.

Match events take priority over pleasure fishing.

Pleasure anglers must move if requested by the Competition Secretary or Official.

Members wishing to return fish during a Competition may weigh and record their fish with the Competition Secretary, or any other Committee member holding the scales.

Members should arrive for Competitions 30 minutes before the start of the match.

Any member must give assistance to other members if asked so to do.

The keeping of fish alive in a container until the end of a competition is not allowed.

Any fish being kept must be despatched as soon as it is weighed.

The Competition Secretary's word is final in any dispute.

General Details

General Meetings: Will be held bi-monthly.

Committee Meetings: Committee meetings will be held at the committee's discretion.

Competitions: Four competitions are usually held each month. (Two weekend, and two midweek)

Presentation Night: All Club trophies and awards are presented at an annual Presentation night, held at a venue and date decided by the Committee.


Competition Angler of the Year: Awarded to the Angler who gains the most points during the week-end monthly Competitions. For this trophy the points system will be at the discretion of the Competition Secretary. There is a runners-up trophy

Mid-week Trophy: Awarded annually to the angler gaining most points during the mid-week competitions. The points system for this trophy will be at the discretion of the Competition secretary. If two or more members are tied on points total, the heaviest total weight to win. There is a runners-up trophy

Inter-Club Trophy: Fished against Birnbeck SAC, 20 anglers per Club, awarded against BCFSA specimen sizes, plus one point for each fish caught, and one point for every 8oz (i.e. 7oz =1point,9oz =2points Total points determine the winner.

Shore Trophy: Awarded annually for the best fish caught between the Club boundaries.

The winner will be determined by percentage of BCFSA specimen size.

Club Member of the Year: Awarded annually to the member who has contributed most to the Club, from a secret ballot of all Club members. Each member is entitled to nominate one person for this award.

Merlin Press Trophy: Awarded annually to the Club member recording the highest total weight of Pier caught fish.

Conger Trophy: Awarded annually for the heaviest Pier caught Conger.

Travis Perkins Trophy: Awarded annually for the best Pier caught Cod.

Judy's Glass Cod Trophy: Awarded for the heaviest Shore caught Cod.

The Frank Cockram Trophy: Awarded to the junior angler recording the top overall weight caught for the year.

Junior angler of the year shield: Awarded to the best junior competition angler of the year.

Pier Cup: Awarded to the female angler who gains the most points throughout the monthly competitions.

Memorial Cup: In memory of all past Club Members.

Awarded to the winners of the Christmas Pairs competition.

Pier Manager’s Trophy:

Awarded for the best specimen fish caught from the Pier.

Mike Vowles Bowl

Awarded for the best specimen ray caught between club boundaries.

Ken Bovington Trophy

Awarded for the best specimen flat fish caught between club boundaries.

Charity Shield.

Competition to be held annually. There will be an entry fee and all competitors will nominate a charity on entry. All of the entry fee money will be donated to the charity nominated by the competition winner. Rules of the competition will be set by the competition organiser. Additional Sponsorship is optional.

Dave Graham Memorial Shield.

Awarded to the winners of a two leg competition between ourselves and Tenby & District Angling Club.

The winning team is determined by the heaviest total weight of fish caught over the two legs. One leg will be fished at Clevedon the other at Tenby

Ivan North Memorial Shield

Competition to be held between ourselves and Weston Outcast SAC. The match hosting will alternate between the clubs with the venue chosen by the hosting club.