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Clevedon Pier S.A.C.                                                                       Clevedon Pier S.A.C.



. Minimum Sizes

The club is a member of the ?Bristol Channel Federation of Sea Anglers?, and as such, fish to their guidelines regarding minimum sizes.

The sizes below relate to what size of a specie you should retain.

The list in general relates to the size a specie needs to reach, before sexual maturity. Keeping fish below that size, effectively will stop reproduction and could eventually lead to diminishing stock levels.

Please read and adhere to the guidelines

These are species which have been caught from the pier

Please read the BCFSA handbook for the complete shore/boat lists

Specie                               Imperial                                 Metric

Bass                                 20 inches                                 510mm

Bull Huss                          24 inches                                 610mm

Cod                                  15 inches                                 385mm

Conger                             36 inches                                 915mm

Dab                                    9 inches                                 230mm

Flounder                          10 inches                                   55mm

Haddock                           15 inches                                 385mm

L.S. Dogfish                      18 inches                                 460mm

Ling                                  28 inches                                 715mm

Plaice                               11 inches                                 255mm

Poor Cod                          9 inches                                   230mm

Pouting                             9 inches                                  230mm

Ray  (Blonde)                    6 lb                                        2.730 kg

Ray (Thornback)                6 lb                                        2.730 kg

Ray Small Eyed)                5lb                                         2. 270kg

Rockling (3 Beard)            9 inches                                    230mm

Rockling(5 Beard)             9 inches                                    230mm

Silver Eel                        20 inches                                    510mm

Sole                                 12inches                                    305mm

Smooth Hounds               20inches                                    510mm

Spurdog                           23inches                                    585mm

Tub Gurnard                     9 inches                                    230mm

Tope                                 20lbs                                        9.080kg

Turbot                              16inches                                    410mm

Whiting                            11inches                                    280mm           



At this time,  members of the Shark family, excluding Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Silver Eels, and Bass MUST be returned

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